Tales of the chronic procrastinator

So it’s been awhile…again. I’ve been having some technical problems so that sort of makes it not totally my fault. Because how can you update when you’re internet isn’t working to you know, actually upload the update. So long story short, we switched providers and now have a faster (likes 12 times faster) connection.

I’ve also seemed to have developed some sort of sleep issue. I’m not getting restful sleep a night so it seems my body had decided to just pass out whenever it seems fit. Thankfully I’m always sitting at the time, but it’s still not good. I’ve literally fallen asleep drinking my coffee. I think it’s stress related.

Then there were some family health issues we were dealing with, but it seems to be all good right now.

And of course I procrastinate all the time. Which had caught up on me big time so I’m now in the midst of major re-organisation project. Nothing exciting so far. Just part of trying to get my shit together. Because in the time I’ve been away I officially became a year older, and lots of things can’t be put off any longer.