Well that wasn’t the start I expected

It’s been a month, no posts. So much for a clean slate huh? But to be fair I at least have a good excuse this time…sort of.

I won’t bore you with all the details.

The big one was my laptop tried to kill me. I shit you not.  See my laptop doesn’t move much. I have a desk, laptop lives there, my clumsy ass doesn’t break it. Use phone or tablet for mobile stuff like ereader, music, and stupid addictive mobile games.

So I was quite surprised to find the corner of my laptop cover cracking open a little one day. Like the bottom part of the case where the screw goes in had broken. Weird, but okay I can still use my laptop.

Until a few days later I go to start working and it feels sort of tippy and the front part of the case was now basically opened up. Massive swearing and some gorilla tape later I’m trying to figure out what the hell I did to cause such a thing.

And then I notice a sort of bump on the bottom of the case. I show Chris, since he’s a low key teach genius, and he quickly tells me to shut off the doom machine and unplug it. You see the battery is swelling. Because of course it is.

So I’m now using an old laptop Chris had kicking around. I forgot my Google password and holy shit was that a pain in the butt to recover.

But I didn’t get exploded so I’ll deal.


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