Tales of the chronic procrastinator

So it’s been awhile…again. I’ve been having some technical problems so that sort of makes it not totally my fault. Because how can you update when you’re internet isn’t working to you know, actually upload the update. So long story short, we switched providers and now have a faster (likes 12 times faster) connection.

I’ve also seemed to have developed some sort of sleep issue. I’m not getting restful sleep a night so it seems my body had decided to just pass out whenever it seems fit. Thankfully I’m always sitting at the time, but it’s still not good. I’ve literally fallen asleep drinking my coffee. I think it’s stress related.

Then there were some family health issues we were dealing with, but it seems to be all good right now.

And of course I procrastinate all the time. Which had caught up on me big time so I’m now in the midst of major re-organisation project. Nothing exciting so far. Just part of trying to get my shit together. Because in the time I’ve been away I officially became a year older, and lots of things can’t be put off any longer.


Why you should always double-check and my return to blogging…again.

So…not that it matters now or anything, but I had made a post about why I wouldn’t be posting during April. But it seems I didn’t end up actually posting it. My only guess is that my internet had a hiccup when it was publishing. Sometimes our router takes little breaks, and I guess I didn’t notice it took one then. Serves as a good reminder about double checking.

But now I’m back. I was having an issue with some slight nerve damage in my arm that effects my hand as well. I needed to rest it so I was only working on work or my novel. Which I didn’t finish…just shy a couple thousand words. But whatever, it gave me a good start to a project and I’m continuing to working on it between everything else.

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks. It’s the kick in the pants I needed to get back on the health train. I sort of fell off while dealing with some stress, my anxiety and depression acting up always leads me to start making bad choices again. But I’ve got to keep my eye on the prize and find some better coping methods, not only because I’m getting older but because we’re planning on starting a family soon and I want to be on a healthier path when I get pregnant.

I really wish I knew what I know now when I was younger and dealing with these things. It would be a lot less work now, but then again I guess all the work I put in to finding what works for me is how we got here. No work means no knowledge.

Anyway, I’m off to feed my coffee addiction and figure out how to kill off one of my characters.

I don’t even know what to call this

I need a change. Like I said in my last post I was planning to change things around here, mainly I was thinking of pressing the reset button. I feel like the older posts are mostly dead weight. Since I was in a bad head space most of the time when I posted, and some of the time I was just posting because I felt like I had to put something up. And for the most part they don’t highlight anything except my anxiety and mental health.

I’m not ashamed of my mental health issues, but there is a lot more to me. There’s the wife, daughter, sister, friend. There is the woman who sings random songs whenever they pop into her head, and by random I mean like I make them up as I go along. Some people think I’m funny. And they’re not even on drugs when they tell me that.

Are there shitty things going on in my life? Yes. Sometimes they drag me down, sometimes they scare me. ¬†Sometimes they exacerbate the above mentioned issues. Sometimes I see it coming and sometimes I don’t, but I press on.

There are also good things in my life. I have a lot of plans for this year and I’m trying my best to follow through.

And more often then not I’m just dealing with the normal day to day bullshit. ¬†I work, I help my parents because they both need a little extra help from time to time, I like to try new recipes even though I’m convinced I’m a horrible cook. I play video games with my husband (and without him…but rarely since it’s a weekend only thing right now). And all around normal stuff.

I’m also a writer. I listen to music…a lot. I read…a lot. I have a lot of interests really.

And I need to get better at sharing all of this stuff on here. I had originally started blogging for my writing, and I wanted to keep it just to that…and then the rest started to creep in. When I restarted on WordPress it was supposed to be better, and I’m going to try.

So long story short. I’m still not sure about the reset. I, like most people, have no clue what I’m doing. But I’m trying to do better and be more open about it all.