Breaking the ice

Once again I’m not sure where exactly to start. So much happened over the past month and a half and most of it put me in a place where I just didn’t know what to say.

As I said one of my family members is quite ill right now and it’s been taking up most of my energy. It’s sort of an emotional roller coaster because you’re only given a little information at a time. Doctors just don’t seem to want to confirm anything, except we’re now looking at cancer treatments. And by looking at I mean preparing for.

I’m also trying to change a lot in my life. This and a lot of current events have put things in perspective for me and I realised that I’m not living my best life, that has to change. So I’m making 2018 my year of change. I’m just not exactly sure how that’s going to work since change is something that triggers anxiety. But I’ll have to muddle along (and get as much advice as I can).

I did not complete my NaNo project, but I did join an online writing group and through crawls and sprints I have a pretty good beginning of a novel. I just didn’t end up having enough writing time this month I suppose. But I didn’t give up so that’s an improvement over the past couple years.

Now I’m just getting ready for the holidays. I’m pretty sad we don’t have any snow yet. I don’t like the winter without snow. If I have to be cold I want everything to be all sparkly and pretty instead of just dead grass and mud everywhere.


It’s NaNoWriMo prep time again

I wasn’t sure I was going to throw my hat into the ring this year, but I figured what the hell, might as well. So this week I’ve been sprucing up my NaNo profile and trying to pick what I’m going to work on this time. There are a few ideas that I’m still toying with and I’m aiming to have it narrowed down by the end of next week. Or not. I made a deal with myself that I was going to learn from past mistakes and not stress as much this time around. Actually, that’s recently become my new motto for life, because as cliche as it sounds life’s too short for that bullshit. Though this is easier said than done.

Anyway thing are still sort of messed up, and I’m behind on a lot of things. But I haven’t been writing anything lately so I figured jumping into NaNo would help. I should be able to carve out some time every day to chip away at the 50,000 word goal between work and taking care of the daily house stuff, oh and add a family member who needs extra help. I mean who needs sleep?

I shouldn’t complain, my Mom and I split a lot of the house/caregiver stuff. And Chris is a huge support when he’s not working. It just still feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes.

But here’s my survival plan for NaNoWriMo 2017:

  • Stockpile playlists on 8tracks so I have a soundtrack for any story/mood.
  • Not beat myself up if I don’t reach my daily goal. Some days I’ll write more than others and in the end it will probably even out.
  • Meal plan. We already try to do this, but sometimes I forget. So I got to make sure I don’t forget.
  • Don’t Panic.

Uh, I’ll probably have to revise that list as I go. Because that doesn’t seem like much of a plan. At least it’s a start, right?

Why you should always double-check and my return to blogging…again.

So…not that it matters now or anything, but I had made a post about why I wouldn’t be posting during April. But it seems I didn’t end up actually posting it. My only guess is that my internet had a hiccup when it was publishing. Sometimes our router takes little breaks, and I guess I didn’t notice it took one then. Serves as a good reminder about double checking.

But now I’m back. I was having an issue with some slight nerve damage in my arm that effects my hand as well. I needed to rest it so I was only working on work or my novel. Which I didn’t finish…just shy a couple thousand words. But whatever, it gave me a good start to a project and I’m continuing to working on it between everything else.

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks. It’s the kick in the pants I needed to get back on the health train. I sort of fell off while dealing with some stress, my anxiety and depression acting up always leads me to start making bad choices again. But I’ve got to keep my eye on the prize and find some better coping methods, not only because I’m getting older but because we’re planning on starting a family soon and I want to be on a healthier path when I get pregnant.

I really wish I knew what I know now when I was younger and dealing with these things. It would be a lot less work now, but then again I guess all the work I put in to finding what works for me is how we got here. No work means no knowledge.

Anyway, I’m off to feed my coffee addiction and figure out how to kill off one of my characters.

Let the madness begin

Camp NaNo’s April event has finally begun.  Last night we did our weekly grocery shopping trip so I loaded up on Cherry Pepsi, coffee, and some healthy snacks so I can grab something quick and not feel guilty. I already have a massive amount of tea, and I’ve sort of banned myself from buying any more for awhile…unless something really good pops up on one of my tea shops. Or there’s a really good sale.

I have a lot going on this month.  There’s the usual daily grind, plus a few extra events and appointments thrown into the mix. Plus the yard clean up and gardening that needs to be done when the weather evens out. We’ve been trying to get on that for awhile now but Mother Nature just isn’t co-operating. But that’s okay. I don’t mind the rain, it’s just the cold that brings problems.

I’m ready though. I’ve got a project I’m really invested in. I’ve got a good source of music to listen to while I work. I’ve been working on my time management skills. So now I just to start the writing.

To all my fellow participants I wish you luck. It might be frustrating at times, time might fly by, but I hope at the end you’ve reached your goal. And if you haven’t don’t sweat it. There’s always July.

Note: I started this at midnight and hadn’t started writing yet. I was tired last night and was going to add more in the morning, but that didn’t happen. I’m now nearly 1000 words into my project.



Here I go again

With Camp NaNo starting next week I thought it was the best time to end my little hiatus. I’ve gotten some clarity and feel a lot better about a lot of things. I’m not saying everything is all better, but I’m in a better mind space at least. But I’ve realised I can’t mention things from past posts without new people becoming lost. And I’ve been trying to think of a way to address that without this becoming some sort of rambling essay about my life.

For the most part I figure people can figure out who’s who and what’s what. For the most part it’s easy to pick up. If anything is confusing I guess people can ask questions. I’m much better at answering questions about myself than just babbling about myself. Which makes having a blog even more baffling I’m sure, but what’s life without a little inconsistency? Well, I guess terrifying when my anxiety shows up to the party, but we’re working on that.

I’ve mostly just been working. Since I’m freelance I pick up whatever work when I can, and with the weather being so cold I haven’t really wanted to venture into the great outdoors more than I have to yet. I’ve also been figuring out what to do during Camp NaNo.

I was addicted to Skyrim for a bit, but I haven’t been able to play from a couple of weeks now. I’m trying to reorganise our house and I’ve been a little under the weather because of the cold weather. You would think since I was sick I would just sit and play games but my concentration would disagree with you there.

Most of my spare time will go to writing my Camp project, I think it’s going to be a collection of short stories but I’m not 100% sure just yet. I have some loose plot outlines I keep kicking about but don’t think will stretch into novels, some are interconnected so it makes sense for them to be all part of a collection. But I guess we’ll just have to see what happens.